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The sixth issue of prestigious literary magazine Taco Bell Quarterly is seeking short stories, long stories, flash fiction, essays, art, comics, poetry, and more. We want your Literary writing. Our only guideline is that every piece must have a Taco Bell reference. How much or how little "Taco Bell" is up to you. It's art.

It's helpful if you include a brief note at the beginning of your file with a bio and tell us a bit about your piece. 

No pitches, apologies, but excited to see something draft-y in the essays department.

Feel free to sim-sub, who cares but please let us know if it is picked up elsewhere. 

Taco Bell Quarterly is part of the gay and trans agenda, proceed accordingly.

Expect to hear back within 6 months, apologies, it's a janky free lit mag. We pay $100. The number you recieve as the title is the number of submissions. The wait is long and the odds are terrible! Enjoy your wait in the Literary deli. 


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We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.